Wednesday, 6 April 2011

The Tired Hunter

Just thought I'd share this image from the box under my bed. It's one half of a stereoview of the Crystal Palace at Sydenham. The statue on the left is - as examination of the lettering on the pedestal with a magnifying glass reveals - "The Tired Hunter" by Edward Hodges Baily, of Nelson-on-the-Column fame. Actually, it's probably a just a plaster cast. The original marble was carved for Joseph Neeld of Grittleton House, Wiltshire. It was shown at the Royal Academy in 1851, under the title 'A Youth and his Dog', while a plaster cast was shown at the Great Exhibition at the Crystal Palace in Hyde Park. And no doubt it was the cast that followed the Palace south to Sydenham, where it was shown in the 'Mixed Fabrics Court ', while Neeld enjoyed the original in the privacy of his own home.

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  1. It's shown outside the Musical Instruments Court.

    Tulse Hill Terry