Monday, 27 July 2009

Some Useful Beauty

Details from an unused Edwardian account book found in a charity shop. Beautifully bound, all three edges of the paper marbled, hinges strengthened with linen, index letters individually stamped in alternating red and black. Manufactured just outside the City, sold near the Stock Exchange. Perfectly useless but I had to have it. You never see anything like this at Rymans.


  1. I found one very similar a couple of months ago, and like you I just had to have it. Mine is:-
    Wodderspoon & Co
    Stationers & Account Book Manufacturers
    6 Gate Street
    Lincoln's Inn Fields
    W C
    Same end-papers...beautiful.

  2. From the Nursing Record of March 1902

    "The various charts prepared by Wodderspoon and Co. are well known and appreciated by nurses with whom this long established firm has. a well deserved reputation. Since 1861 Messrs. Wodderspoon have carried on their business in an interesting building in Lincoln’s Inn Fields, formerly known as Serle’s Coffee Tavern, which was probably opened in the time of Charles 11, and later as Green’s Hotel. The frontage of the house remains still as it was built at the end of the 17th century, and the handsome classic doorway has undergone no changes since it left the woodcarver’s hands. Unfortunately for those who value the historical old buildings still left to us this house and site have now been acquired by the Government for new public offices. Messrs. Wodderspoon and. Co. will, however, still be found in Lincoln’s Inn Fields, their new premises being in Gate Street at the north-west: corner of the square."

    Which helps date it a bit.